So what exactly does washing my clothes, protecting my credit and making fires have in common? Doing the first two can make creating fires while camping quick and easy!

Starting camp fires out in the great outdoors is often a difficult task, and can be super frustrating. Lets talk about making a free fire starter just from practicing good habits at home.

1)  Washing Clothes

Lets just start off with, I hope you are already doing this on a regular basis. I know backpackers, and outdoors people may get used to not showering or wearing the same clothes for an extended amount of time, but when your back in civilization please just wash your clothes regularly.

After washing your clothes, its usually best to throw them in the dryer. But the dryer can be dangerous, very dangerous. A whole lot of house fires start because of dryers…..and no, I am not suggesting we take dryers outside every time we go camping in order to start camp fires. I mean most of us try to keep the weight down while camping…

When ever you throw laundry into the dryer, you should obviously be checking your lint catcher (Not sure its technical name). Most people pick this thing up, and throw out all the precious free lint you receive after drying your clothes.

Dirty Dryer Lint Catcher

Dirty Dryer Lint Catcher

All this free lint is actually the first ingredient to to a totally free and awesome self made fire starter! And not only do you get free fire starter from your dryer to make fires outside, you are also being a great citizen by helping prevent them inside your own home!

2) Protecting Your Credit

Take this advice from someone who has had their tax return stolen, you should always protect your identity any way you can. One easy way to start protecting your identity is to shred your mail and other important papers at home instead of throwing them in the trash. If you don’t have a paper shredder at home, its something you should think about getting. Not only will it help protect your identity and thus your credit, but it helps add to the second free ingredient to your quick and easy fire starter. After shredding all your important documents, take a look at what awesomeness comes out the other end.

Paper Shredded fire starter!

Paper Shredded fire starter!

Making Fires!

When your done cleaning your clothes, and protecting your credit its time to combine the two outputs! I usually grab small Ziploc bags and fill it with a mixture of paper shredding and lint. The Ziploc bag helps keep the mixture dry when your out camping and hiking.

When your ready to start a fire, stack your logs in your preferred method, place a little bit of kindling down underneath the fire wood and at the  bottom place your lint and shredded paper mixture. If you like things easy, use a lighter; if you like things a little more challenging use flint and a knife; if your a mountain man use some sort of friction method. Which ever way you create heat, direct it toward the lint, which will catch extremely easily, next it will light the paper shreddings which will build up and light the kindling and finally the logs!

Congratulations, you cleaned your clothes, protected your credit, and built a fire!