Month: April 2016

Strasbourg Cathedral

A few years ago, I visited Strasbourg France, a town on the Boarder of Germany. Walking through the old winding European streets of Strasbourg, I turned one corner and my jaw instantly dropped. The only word I could mutter was”Wow!”

Strasbourg Cathedral

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First Impression: Arcteryx Alpha FL Rain Shell

Lately I have been planning my trip to Mount Whitney and obtaining some final gear, to ensure I am protected in the elements and have a light pack. I did a whole lot of research on many different websites including Reddit. I entered a lot of discussions, read a ton of blog and watched a whole lot of YouTube videos. I looked at Jackets from Outdoor Research, and Mountain Hardware which are two companies I have a decent discount at. Even though I have a discount I and love both companies, I decided on purchasing the Arcteryx Alpha FL.

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Fixing a Flat with a Hatchet…

One of  my favorite places to go Jeep camping in Southern California is Anza Borrego state park. I usually go down Coyote canyon, and spend a beautiful night under the stars. I have been down this trail 6-7 times and have had little emergencies here and there (Getting stuck for 5 hours… etc), but the trip always ends on a positive note.

This past weekend I went with a couple of friends after work to spend some time unwinding under the stars after work. We got on the road with my completely stock 4 door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

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Custom Backpacking Maps

I absolutely love backpacking, there is something about carrying everything you need for a few days, a week or longer on your back. Its satisfying and it gives you this great sense of accomplishment, and you just feel alive.

With GPS in the pockets of almost everybody these days thanks to cell phones, navigation by compass and map is a skill that is fading. I am not saying its a bad thing, but most national parks I could get around without a map, due to how well the trails are marked.

Regardless of how well a trail is marked, or if you have Garmin GPS unit or Gaia GPS on your Android or iPhone, a paper map is still hands down one of the most important pieces of gear you can take out on the trail with you.

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Custom High Quality Map Board

Anyone who has spent any time in either the Marine Corps or Army, has probably used trusty map board with your map pens for land nav. I used them while at The Basic School (TBS) in the Marine corps and found them handy, especially if you are not paying extra money to have your map laminated.

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High Sierra Trail to Mount Whitney: Wilderness Permits

This is my first blog post in my series, trekking through the High Sierra to Mount Whitney. Today, I received my custom made map, which I will use to finalize my planning of this trip (More info on my custom made map soon).

Plotting out m y route to Mount Whitney!

Plotting out my route to Mount Whitney!

My initial planning began here on Backpacker, where I found most of the details for this 72 mile hike.

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