Month: May 2016

Packing your first Bear Canister

With my High Sierra to Mt Whitney trip less than a week away I have been finalizing my packing. This trip will be my first in bear country, and thus the first time I am required to backpack with a bear canister.

At first, I was a bit frustrated that I had to pack all my food in a bear canister, if you haven’t seen or heard of one before its basically a big container to pack all your food in to protect it from bears. The idea behind a bear canister is that when you make camp for the night you place your canister with all the food in side a couple hundred meters from your camp. If a bear happens to find it,he can bite it and smash it all he wants but most likely will not get into your food. Most trails in bear country require them, and park rangers will not give you your permits unless you have one. I understand why a bear canister is required, but its still a couple of extra pounds and very awkward to pack.

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First Impression: Grayl Ultralight Purification

As I finalize all my gear and prepare for my Mt Whitney trip, there are a few new items that I will be bringing along to test out. The first brand new item I will be testing out on the trail in the Grayl Ultralight Purification bottle. This product filters and purifies drinking water. This will purify, 99.999% of disease causing bacteria, protozoan cysts and viruses!

Grayl Ultralight with replacement purifier

Grayl Ultralight with replacement purifier

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San Jacinto – Deer Spring Trail

San Jacinto peak, in southern California stands at an awesome 10,834ft. I have been finalizing my gear load out for my Mt Whitney hike and wanted to do a gear shake out this weekend. I also wanted to get in one or two smaller climbs before that awesome hike in June. After doing a little research, I planned to follow these awesome guides from SoCal Hiker and ModernHiker.

I was going to tweak the hike a little because I planned on hiking with all my gear that I plan to take to Mt Whitney and would be starting out pretty late on Saturday. I decided to camp part way up San Jacinto and break the hike up.  I thought the bad weather in Southern California would make it easy to obtain a permit, but I was wrong. I had planned to camp at Little Round Valley but it was full, the only camp ground that had free space was Strawberry Junction. Instead of taking Marion Mountain Trail, I settled on Deer Springs Trail.

Here is a brief overview of the hike:

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San Diego Safari Park

Living in San Diego is absolutely awesome! Being a transplant form the east coast, I have fallen in love with this west coast city. Beyond the weather, the laid back attitude and beautiful beaches, there is just always something fun and exciting to do.

One of those amazing things to see and experience is the world famous, San Diego Zoo. The one downside to the Zoo, is that every single person who comes to visit from the east coast, always wants to go to the Zoo. Life is so rough in California, I have become sick of going to the world famous San Diego Zoo……

So when my brother flew out from the east coast, and he asked to go to the San Diego Zoo, I quickly suggested the San Diego Zoo Safari Park instead.  If you did not know, the San Diego owns a Safari Park which is more inland and offers a completely different experience than the Zoo.  If you are like me and have gone to the Zoo multiple times, the Safari Park is worth checking out.

Safari Park

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Hollywood Sign!

I recently had family come out and visit in California, and we drove up from San Diego to Hollywood to check out the sign. I had never seen it before but I had recently gotten a new lens for my Sony Alpha 6000, and was excited to try it out.

I bought the Sony Alpha 6000, and have stuck mostly with the stock lens, and recently picked up the E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS lens. Here is one of my favorite shots from the day out with my new lens:

Picture taken from Griffith Park

Picture taken from Griffith Park

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