High Sierra Trail to Mt Whitney Introduction

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The High Sierra Trail to Mt Whitney is a challenging 75 mile trek whose scenery ranges from the giant forest of Sequoia National park, gorgeous mountain lakes, the Kern River Valley and of course the rocky jagged terrain of Mt Whitney.



Above is the High Sierra Trail to Mt Whitney route, with my planned camp sites each night. My Itinerary looked like this:

  • Day 1: Crescent Meadow to Bearpaw Meadow (11.4 Miles)
  • Day 2: Bearpaw Meadow to Arroyo Junction (11 Miles)
  • Day 3: Arroyo Junction to Moraine Lake (8 Miles)
  • Day 4: Moraine Lake to Junction Meadow (13.7 Miles)
  • Day 5: Junction Meadow to Guitar Lake (12.4 Miles)
  • Day 6: Guitar Lake to Mt Whitney Summit to Whitney Portal (15.6)

I did not end up sticking to the above schedule, due to some wintery conditions on day two, we did not make it all the way to get to  Arroyo Junction and ended up sleeping in Kaweah Gap, which was sketchy but beautiful. Day 3 we were able to make push hard and make up the lost time to get back on schedule.

Below are the details pertaining to my amazing trip:

Exhausted but happy to have made it to the Summit!

Exhausted but happy to have made it to the Summit!


Packing your first Bear Canister


High Sierra Trail to Mt Whitney: Gear List


  1. Jeremiah

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read more about how the trip went!

  2. Christopher McFadden

    Mike, I’m planning my own HST hike for later this year. Can you confirm the dates you were out there? Was June 11 your start? Thanks!

    • Mike

      Glad you found the blog! I hope it helps prepare you and get you ready for your own trip! I started hiking on June 4th

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