Growing up in New Jersey with parents from New York City, I have always grown up a huge baseball fan. I have been Yankee Fan since birth, and grew up in the Dynasty of Derek Jeter, Bernie Wiliams, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera! Boy was it a great time to grow up a Yankees fan!

I have seen some pretty amazing games growing up as a kid going to the original Yankee Stadium, the house that Ruth built; but I have never gone to the World Series, the All Star Game, or Home Run derby. Its always been a dream of mine to go to these three events, and in one week I was able to cross off both the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game off my list! Thanks to a very generous friend from back east, I was fortunate enough to make it to the 2016 Home Run Derby and All Star game in the beautiful San Diego Padres’ Petco Park!

Work has been pretty busy and I hadn’t been to a baseball game all season so it was pretty special that my first time at a baseball game this year was Home Run Derby. I got out of work a bit late, and drove down as quickly as possible to to San Diego.

Home Run Derby

Home Run Derby is like no other sporting event I had ever been to before. Being in the stadium during Home Run Derby was an electrifying experience! Me and my buddy from college had seats on the second deck, 3rd base line. The view was absolutely gorgeous and we had a typical beautiful sunny San Diego night for the Derby!

Petco Park Home Run Derby

Going to Home Run Derby was completely different then going to a normal baseball game. Your not there to watch two teams play the classic game of baseball, your there to watch the best home run hitters in the majors duke it out back to back, slamming bombs to the outfield!

This year was tournament style, two batters would go back to back and who ever hit the most home runs between the two went to the next round. There were 8 batters total at the beginning of the night, and in the last round there were two remaining; Gincarlo Stanton and the defending champion Todd Frazier.

Kids catching the "short home runs" in the outfield

Kids catching the “short home runs” in the outfield

At the end of the final round, Gincarlo Stanton beat Todd Frazier, 20 home runs to 13. Let me say that again, 20 home runs! Now lets put a little perspective on that, according to Business Insider, the average amount of Home runs at the beginning of the season in 2014 was 1.86 home runs per game! Yes, in Home Run Derby its pretty much slow pitch and the pitcher isn’t trying to strike the batter out, but its still electrifying to see that number of home runs in a matter of minutes.

The final round was not even Gincarlo Stanton’s best round, he beat Robinson Cano 24 to 7 earlier in the night! In total Gincarlo Stanton smashed a total of 61 home runs in one night! Each home run hit that night was more exciting then the last, I could not image what it must have been like to sit in the left field stands, it was a field day of free baseballs!

Home Run Derby Petco Park

It may not have been as fast paced as hockey but Home Run Derby was fast paced compared to a normal baseball game, and I loved it. Unfortunately it absolutely flew by, and it felt like it was over in a blink of an eye. At the end of the night Gincarlo Stanton received the coveted Home Run Derby trophy!

Gincarlo Stanton Home Run Derby Champion

Players used individual Gatorade bottles instead of one large one on Gincarlo Stanton!

Players used individual Gatorade bottles instead of one large one on Gincarlo Stanton!

The Home Run Derby Trophy Presented to Gincarlo Stanton

The Home Run Derby Trophy Presented to Gincarlo Stanton

After the Derby I was pumped, but even more excited for the All Star Game the next night, Tuesday. Leaving a baseball stadium on a Monday night and knowing you would be back in less than 24 hours was a great feeling. Needless to say, work went by pretty slow on Tuesday, but I made it down to the All Star Game just in time for the first pitch.

At the All Start Game our seats were a bit farther back and a bit more expensive than Home Run Derby, but I couldn’t have been more excited to be there. It was amazing just having the opportunity to go to the game.

All Star Game 2016

We may have been kind of high up but, it was fun to test out my zoom lens for my Sony A6000 and capture the batters and fielders below.

The game was a great game, and exciting till the very end. There were not as many home runs as the night before at Home Run Derby but there were a couple in the first few innings to put the American League on the board and eventually end up winning the game.

I am not a sports reporter and not going to pretend to be one in this post. I just wanted to share my awesome experiences and pictures of Home Run Derby and the All Star game with you all. I had an amazing time, and enjoyed meeting fans from all over the United States who were all there cheering on there home town heroes. I of course was representing my baseball hero and legend, the Babe.


Petco Park All Star Game

And the American League Wins!

And the American League Wins!