Month: April 2018

Prewitt Ridge Ocean View Camping

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I am currently in the middle of a career change and had some extra free time, so I decided to go camping! I always wanted to go to Big Sur and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway in my Jeep Wrangler, but it was over 7 hours away from were I live in Southern California and I just never had the time.

Now with a few free extra free days, I decided to drive up toward Big Sur and check out Prewitt Ridge for some ocean views and free dispersed camping. I chose Prewitt Ridge because I wanted a free dispersed camp ground I could easily get to in my Wrangler. I also wanted beautiful ocean views from my campsite. I found a great article on The Outbound which I used to start my research.

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What3words A new Coordinate System for pin pointing Locations

What3words is a new coordinate system for easily sharing locations. Instead of using a Latitude and Longitude coordinate like: 37.8651° N, 119.5383° W or and Military Grid Reference System point like: 50S QG 23281 93884 you can now share any location on earth with just a string of three words like: Simply.Demolished.Tuition

In the Paragraph above I just expressed the location for Yosemite National Park in three distinct ways:

  1. 37.8651° N, 119.5383° W
  2. 50S QG 23281 93884
  3. Simply.Demolished.Tuition

Which one of the three above is easiest for you to share with a friend? I think the third way, which is how What3words works!

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