What3words is a new coordinate system for easily sharing locations. Instead of using a Latitude and Longitude coordinate like: 37.8651° N, 119.5383° W or and Military Grid Reference System point like: 50S QG 23281 93884 you can now share any location on earth with just a string of three words like: Simply.Demolished.Tuition

In the Paragraph above I just expressed the location for Yosemite National Park in three distinct ways:

  1. 37.8651° N, 119.5383° W
  2. 50S QG 23281 93884
  3. Simply.Demolished.Tuition

Which one of the three above is easiest for you to share with a friend? I think the third way, which is how What3words works!

Essentially What3words divides the entire globe into 3m x 3m grid squares and has 3 words to describe each 3m x 3m square. For more information check out their promotional video below:

Now why do I bring up this interesting new way to look at the world on this blog? Well, its a great place to pinpoint locations that do not have an address. A lot of my blog posts are about backpacking trips, and outdoor adventures that I want to share with everyone. I not only want to share my adventures with you all but also allow you to use my website as a place to plan your own adventures.

I am going to experiment with What3words in my next few blog posts to try and share locations of trail heads, campsites, photo spots etc.

I hope What3words can help you plan your next adventure from my blog posts! Please let me know if you think they will be helpful!

You can download the Whats3words app on both iPhone and Android.