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Always Have a Plan D

This past weekend, I had Friday off from work and me and my friends really wanted to go camping. We had epic plans and wanted to go hiking on something with spectacle views, we had our sites on Half Dome and Yosemite.

Plan A

Our first plan was to go to Half Dome, I was really excited but also nervous the crowds would spoil my opinion of Yosemite. I mostly like to go camping to get away, I loved the vast solitude I experienced at the Grand Canyon, and the beautiful untouched wilderness in the High Sierras.

Half Dome is this dream hike of mine, but that fact that permits are so hard to obtain make me weary of crowds. Either way, I still want to hike Half Dome, and me and my friends entered the lottery. According to the lottery rules you can enter yourself two days before the day you want to hike for the daily lottery. I stayed up till midnight to enter my permits on Thursday, for the hike on Saturday. Come Friday morning, I was greatly disappointed to see that I had not one the lottery and am now officially 0/2 for Half Dome. Plan A was a bust but we still wanted to go camping.

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Hollywood Sign!

I recently had family come out and visit in California, and we drove up from San Diego to Hollywood to check out the sign. I had never seen it before but I had recently gotten a new lens for my Sony Alpha 6000, and was excited to try it out.

I bought the Sony Alpha 6000, and have stuck mostly with the stock lens, and recently picked up the E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS lens. Here is one of my favorite shots from the day out with my new lens:

Picture taken from Griffith Park

Picture taken from Griffith Park

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