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Two nights (Almost three) in Avalon, Visiting Catalina Island

Been living in Southern California for a few years now, and have always wanted to take the trip to Catalina Island. A couple weekends ago, we had a long weekend and I was able to make the trip with my girlfriend. We honestly just booked the ferry, and hotel and didn’t do a whole lot of research or pre-planning for this trip….just kind of winged it but we loved it.

The minute the Catalina Island Express ferry came close to the harbor, I knew I was arriving on an Island where I was going to feel right at home:

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New Orleans a changed City

Its hard to talk about New Orleans without mentioning Hurricane Katrina. Luckily, this story is a good one! Last time I went down to New Orleans I went with my church to work with Habitat For Humanity and help re-build homes. It seems like such a long time ago now, but the images of the devastation are still fresh in my memory.

Fast forward a handful of years and my boss sent me on a last minute trip to New Orleans. I was really excited to visit, I have heard so much about the culture, music and food. I had to work, but I decided to go exploring after hours with my camera, and see a few of the sites. I also decided to take a trip down memory lane…..

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San Diego Safari Park

Living in San Diego is absolutely awesome! Being a transplant form the east coast, I have fallen in love with this west coast city. Beyond the weather, the laid back attitude and beautiful beaches, there is just always something fun and exciting to do.

One of those amazing things to see and experience is the world famous, San Diego Zoo. The one downside to the Zoo, is that every single person who comes to visit from the east coast, always wants to go to the Zoo. Life is so rough in California, I have become sick of going to the world famous San Diego Zoo……

So when my brother flew out from the east coast, and he asked to go to the San Diego Zoo, I quickly suggested the San Diego Zoo Safari Park instead.  If you did not know, the San Diego owns a Safari Park which is more inland and offers a completely different experience than the Zoo.  If you are like me and have gone to the Zoo multiple times, the Safari Park is worth checking out.

Safari Park

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Strasbourg Cathedral

A few years ago, I visited Strasbourg France, a town on the Boarder of Germany. Walking through the old winding European streets of Strasbourg, I turned one corner and my jaw instantly dropped. The only word I could mutter was”Wow!”

Strasbourg Cathedral

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Petra, the hidden rock carved city!

Petra, in the country of Jordan is a place you will come away from humbled and in awe. It was rightly picked as one of the new 7 wonders of the world, and I have never experienced anything like it before. Petra is an ancient city carved out of the canyons of Jordan. If your an Indiana Jones, fan and remember the temple of doom, that was filmed in Ancient Petra!



I rode a bus from Jordan’s coast up into the mountain to get to the Canyons. Driving through the desolate Jordan country side was an experience all in its self and I wish we could have stopped along the way to take better pictures, instead of trying to capture images through the buses windows.

As we drove up to higher and higher elevation, I was able to catch some pretty interesting images. I saw a lot of things I didn’t expect to see in Jordan, and one of the firsts was snow!

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Singapore, Clean and Beautiful City Living

After my amazing trip to Hong Kong, I had the pleasure of stopping and spending a few wonderful days in Singapore!

If I had to choose one word to describe Singapore, it would be easy,


I can not even begin to describe how beautiful Singapore is, I have been to a lot of cities around the world and this is by far hands down the most beautiful city I have ever been to! This picture from the first cab I was in, does not do it just it:

Singapore Streets

Riding in the cab, the streets were just lined with these beautiful trees on either end and just slightly covering the street.

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Hong Kong

I have been fortunate to travel to some pretty neat places in my life. Hong Kong was the time I got to stop in Asia, and I was impressed. It is a very very unique place, and I did not get this impression because it was my first time in Asia, its a unique place because it almost has an identity crisis.

A view of Hong Kong Harbor from my Hotel

A view of Hong Kong Harbor from my Hotel

Before I get into the details of my exploration of Hong Kong, its worth mentioning a little bit of history here. Hong Kong was ruled by the British from 1945 – 1997. In 1997 the British handed Hong Kong over to the Peoples Republic of China. As you probably already know, China and Great Britain are two totally different types of government and you can see and feel the transition that is still going on to this day.

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